Welcome to the Life of Water.

Evading the shore of New Zealand’s biggest lake, the Great Lake Trail highlights lavish timberland and wetlands, cascades, shorelines and all encompassing perspectives from a progression of posts. It is a piece of the NZ Cycle Trail and is effectively gotten to from the hotel town of Taupo. The entire ride can be spread more than two days, or broken into shorter areas of different lengths and trouble. Generally speaking, the track is smooth and streaming, yet various moderate slope climbs make this most appropriate for sensibly fit riders.

The Great Lake Trail dishes up a stimulating blend of inland timberland and shoreline track crosswise over three particular segments of trail west of Taupo.

Nearest to town is the deservedly mainstream W2K Track that moves moving around a thick headland among Whangamata and Whakaipo Bays. This view-filled trail begins at the serene settlement of Kinloch, from where riders can ride it one way or appreciate the delightful Headland Loop, both taking around a large portion of multi day.

At Kinloch, the W2K joins with the track westwards to Kawakawa Bay and Whangamata Road, with simple vehicle associations accessible from either end. This trail offers another half-day ride consolidating lakes and backwoods landscape.

The third segment of trail keeps running between Western Bays Road and Waihora Bay, down through the Waihaha Valley and along the shore. It’s an entire day’s ride with a pontoon get required toward the end, yet the trail’s regular magnificence and quietness are rich prizes.

The Great Lake Trail is 71km long altogether, however a start to finish ride of 52km can be produced using Western Bays Road through to Whakaipo Bay, most generally cycled in this west to east course and prevalently following the lakeshore.

A generally smooth, free-depleting surface makes this trail agreeable lasting through the year, with winter days prominent for completely clear perspectives on the snow-topped volcanoes.